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St. Joseph/St Raphael Springfield at 225 E. High Street, Springfield, OH 45505-1052 US - Home

Parish Office                                 St. Joseph Church is located at:
225 E. High St.                              801 Kenton Street
Springfield, OH 45505-1052              Springfield, Ohio 45505 
Phone: (937) 323-7523
Fax: (937) 324-1512

Restoring our Church ~ Preserving Our Faith

Remember that it is never too late to make a pledge or donation. Please, contact Brianna Beedy at 937-323-7523 in the Business Office or by email at bbeedy@catholicweb.com. Your donations are greatly appreciated!  

Update on the Restoration: The work on the Primary Tower is nearly complete. We are expecting to bless the Cross and put it back on the tower on Tuesday, September 2nd. Unfortunately, this Cross is too big to carry around and have in the church. Once the Cross is placed back on the tower, the scaffold will come down. The workers will begin placing slate on the west side of the roof within the next 2 weeks. Please, continue to pray for the safety of the workers doing the dangerous job of being on our very steep and very high roof.
We are currently short some funds, so to finish paying for the work while donations continue to come in, we may have to get a loan. From the Capital Campaign, we have $1,782,265.77 in documented pledges! We have collected over $620,000 so far. That is about 35% of our pledges. THANK-YOU! If you have any other questions about the project or capital campaign, please contact me by email (bbeedy@catholicweb.com) or call the office at 323-7523. I appreciate your support!

To Donate to our Parishes use the following links

St. Joseph: https://josephraphaelspringfield1.weshareonline.org/main.aspx#

St. Raphael: https://josephraphaelspringfield.weshareonline.org/main.aspx# 


The blog link is www.josephraphael.blogspot.com .

For Facebook, try: https://www.facebook.com/pages/St-JosephSt-Raphael-Parish/545616775488066 . 

St Joseph ~ St Raphael Parish Community is supported entirely by Stewardship from parish members & friends. If you would like to make a donation to help spread Christ's Word, you may do so by donating electronically (Click the link for Your Church), by postal mail or by calling (937) 323-7523.


St. Joseph - St. Raphael Parish is a diverse community dedicated to living its baptismal commitment: providing for the spiritual growth of its members, and to reaching out to others through worship and action.

We are committed to:
Providing opportunities for members of the parish to experience the
Word of God and to celebrate the Eucharist.
Serving the basic needs of the parish and the larger community.
Spreading the Word of God through Christian fellowship.
Providing quality Catholic education for parish members of all ages.
Supporting the parish financially, as well as, with gifts of time and talent.
Communicating the parish's unique history and tradition.
Developing the leadership potential of parish members.
Envisioning and planning for the future.          








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